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Starbucks Bagel Calories & Nutritional Facts 2023

Starbucks has become a go-to destination for many when they need to satisfy their morning cravings or grab a quick snack during the day. Among the many choices available, the humble bagel is a popular choice. The Starbucks bagel has many flavors and textures, making it an excellent choice for breakfast or a midday pick-me-up. Although it’s essential to be aware of the nutritional content of any food, it’s necessary with fruits and vegetables. 

This article will take a closer look at the Starbucks bagel calories and nutritional facts with some tips that help with moderation.

Starbucks Bagel Indigridents

Starbucks bagels use premium-quality ingredients, ensuring a satisfying and delightful experience every time. These delectable bagels’ perfect texture and flavor profile are created by combining high-quality flour, yeast, water, and sugar. There are many flavors to choose from, from classics like plain and everything to unique selections like cinnamon raisin. 

The dough is usually flavored with cheese, herbs, spices, or dried fruits, usually added to the dough. Starbucks bagels are golden-brown, with a slightly crispy exterior contrasting beautifully with a soft interior. In addition to offering high-quality and delicious treats to its customers, Starbucks bagels are perfect on their own, with cream cheese or in a breakfast sandwich.

Starbucks Bagel Calories & Nutritional Facts 2023

Starbucks Bagel Calories

There are several types of bagels offered by Starbucks, each of which has its flavor profile and calorie count. You can adjust the serving size and calories based on the kind of bagel that you choose. There are approximately 280 to 340 calories in a standard Starbucks bagel. There are 110 calories in a plain bagel with no toppings or spreads.

Starbucks Bagel And Cream Cheese Calories

Depending on the type of bagel and the amount of cream cheese used, Starbucks bagels with cream cheese may have different calorie content. Starbucks bagel averages 280-320 calories, with cream cheese adding about 70-100 calories. Depending on the flavor of the bagel or the type of cream cheese used, there may be slight differences in calorie counts. 

Nutritional Facts Of Starbucks

After knowing Starbucks bagel calories, You can break down the nutritional content of a Starbucks bagel into macronutrients and micronutrients. Here is a general breakdown of what you can expect to find in a typical bagel:

Starbucks Bagel Calories & Nutritional Facts 2023

Carbohydrates: The main ingredient in bagels is flour, which is a carbohydrate. There are approximately 50 to 60 grams of carbohydrates in a Starbucks bagel. In the body, carbohydrates are the primary source of energy.

Protein: Bagels are also moderately protein-rich, weighing 8-10 grams per serving. The body needs to have protein to build and repair tissues.

Fat: A Starbucks bagel typically has two to four grams of sugar. It is important to remember that this baking product has a relatively low-fat content compared with other baked goods.

Fiber: There is a small amount of fiber in bagels, typically around 2 to 4 grams. In addition to promoting fullness, fiber is essential for digestion.

Vitamins and Minerals: Bagels generally do not contain significant vitamins and minerals. However, whole-grain bagels may have small amounts of iron and B vitamins.

Making Healthier Choices:

 Here are a few tips for enjoying a Starbucks bagel while keeping your calorie intake and nutritional goals in mind:

Choose Whole Grains: Choose whole grain bagels as they tend to contain more fiber and nutrients than refined flour bagels.

Mind Your Portions: If you want to manage the size of your portions, consider sharing a bagel with a friend or saving half for later in the week.

Select Lean Protein: To enhance the nutritional value of your meal, consider lean turkey or egg whites as protein sources.

Go Easy on Toppings: Spreads and toppings should be used sparingly to control calories and to reduce fat and sugar content.

Pair with Nutrient-Rich Options: To add nutritional value to your bagel, serve it with fruit, yogurt, or a small salad.

Starbucks Bagel Calories & Nutritional Facts 2023

Bottom Line

Starbucks bagel calories and nutritional facts analyzed for anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet. These bagels may be convenient and flavorful, but you should carefully approach them, selecting whole-grain varieties and toppings. When you incorporate these insights into your choices, you can enjoy Starbucks bagels as part of a healthy and well-rounded diet. Making informed decisions leads to a healthier lifestyle.


How many calories are in a Starbucks plain bagel?

There are approximately 280 calories in a plain bagel from Starbucks. The calorie count may vary depending on the recipe and portion size.

What's the calorie count of a Starbucks bagel with cream cheese?

There are approximately 400 to 450 calories in a Starbucks bagel with plain cream cheese. There are more calories in a cream cheese bagel than in a plain bagel because the cream cheese adds extra calories.

Are there any lower-calorie options for bagels at Starbucks?

Starbucks does offer some lighter options. An alternative to traditional bagels, the Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon & Cage-Free Egg White Breakfast Sandwich features 230 calories per serving and is typically lower in fat.

Do flavored bagels at Starbucks have more calories than plain ones?

No doubt flavored bagels, such as cinnamon raisin or asiago cheese, tend to have a slightly higher calorie count than plain bagels. Each flavor has between 300 and 350 calories, depending on the taste.

Can I reduce the calories in my Starbucks bagel choice?

If you want to lower the calories in your Starbucks bagel order, choose a plain bagel or a lighter breakfast sandwich. There is also the option of selecting a smaller size if one is available. Furthermore, soft cream cheese or jam are healthier than butter or full-fat cream cheese because they contain fewer calories.

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