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How Many Calories In A Slice of Cheese Pizza? A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Are you considering indulging in a delectable cheese pizza but don’t want to consume too many calories? Discovering how many calories in a slice of cheese pizza and some nutritional facts. You can understand what you’re eating more quickly if you know how many slices an average pie has and the exact dietary points.

In this article, We will provide all the information about how many calories in a slice of cheese pizza with some nutritional facts and tips.

What Is Cheese Pizza?

Before we explore how many calories in cheese pizza, let’s clarify what cheese pizza is. Pizzas with cheese and tomato sauce typically have a thin or thick crust. Mozzarella cheese is used, but other cheeses may be used. The essential ingredients of a pizza remain the same regardless of the pizzeria’s crust thickness.

How Many Calories In A Slice of Cheese Pizza

Learn How Many Calories In A Slice of Cheese Pizza?

Pizza calories vary based on the slice’s size, consistency, and amount of cheese. An estimated slice of cheese pizza contains between 250 and 300 calories. There are about 125-150 calories in each slice of a 14-inch large cheese pizza. Adding meat or vegetables to the pizza will increase the calorie count. In moderation, a slice of cheese pizza can still be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, even though it may not be the healthiest choice for a meal. Eating one or two slices with a salad or other vegetable dish makes for a satisfying and relatively low-calorie meal.

Costco Pizza Calories

Costco pizza slices vary in caloric content based on their size and type. A slice of Costco cheese pizza can range from 600 to 700 calories. Serving sizes, recipes, and nutritional information may change over time based on ingredients, recipes, or other factors.

Blaze Pizza Calories

Blaze Pizza’s calories can vary based on the type of pizza and the toppings you choose. Around 150 to 300 calories are found in a slice of Blaze Pizza. However, it is important to note that these values can change depending on the portion size and the ingredients used. It is important to remember that nutritional information may vary from one location to another.

Mexican Pizza Calories

A slice of Mexican Pizza can contain a wide range of calories depending on size, ingredients, and preparation methods. A slice of Mexican Pizza from a fast-food restaurant like Taco Bell may contain 300 to 500 calories. Several factors can affect these values, including crust thickness, cheese amount, and topping variations.

Mod Pizza Calories

MOD Pizza offers a customizable dining experience, allowing you to choose your ingredients and toppings. Therefore, MOD Pizza’s calories can vary greatly depending on what you choose. A Mod Pizza Mod Crust pizza contains 490 calories. Pizza calories vary depending on size, crust type, sauces, cheeses, and toppings.

How Many Calories In A Slice of Cheese Pizza

Why Does Cheese Pizza Have High Calories?

There are several reasons why cheese pizza can be high in calories. First, the cheese used in pizza is often high in fat and calories. Furthermore, thick or enriched crusts can contribute to a high-calorie count. Also, the portion sizes of pizza are usually much more significant than those recommended for one meal, which can consume more calories than necessary. When eating cheese pizza or other foods, balance and moderation are essential.

Factors Of Calories Content 

Several factors, such as the crust size and thickness, the types and amounts of cheese, and the toppings, influence cheese pizza’s calorie count. Calories can also vary depending on the kind of cheese or sauce. Pizzas from pizzerias or home may also differ in their nutritional value. It’s a good idea to check the nutrition information or request it if necessary. Understanding the factors and how many calories in a slice of cheese pizza helps one make informed decisions.

Cheese Pizza Nutrition Facts

A piece of cheese pizza, weighing about 87 grams, contains approximately 193 calories, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Calorie counts vary based on the size, thickness, and ingredients used in a slice. Cheese pizza is also loaded with calories, 9 grams of fat, 18 grams of carbs, and 8 grams of protein. In addition to cholesterol, sodium, and other nutrients, pizza recipes can vary a lot.

Homemade Cheese Pizza With Low Calories?

Making a low-calorie cheese pizza at home is easier than you think once you know how many calories in a slice of cheese pizza. Here are some tips for making this classic food healthier:


How Many Calories In A Slice of Cheese Pizza

  1. Start with a whole wheat crust: There is more fiber and nutrition in whole wheat crusts than in white flour crusts, which helps you feel fuller for longer.
  1. Use low-fat cheese: You can reduce the calories in your pizza by choosing a cheese with a lower fat content, such as part-skim mozzarella or reduced-fat cheddar.
  1. Load up on veggies: Filling vegetables without adding too many calories can help you feel full. Make your pizza stand out by topping it with mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and spinach.
  1. Use a tomato-based sauce: Pizzas with tomato-based sauces have significantly fewer calories than those with cream.
  1. Watch your portion size: Even though you can make low-calorie pizza, controlling your portion sizes’s a good idea. Overeating–even a lower-calorie pizza can undermine your weight loss goals.


Now you know how many calories in a slice of cheese pizza contains. Cheese pizza slices typically have between 193 and 300 calories, depending on their size, thickness, and ingredients. As part of a balanced diet, cheese pizza is still a healthy option when consumed in moderation. Calorie-counting factors and chicken can be chosen to reduce overall calories and increase meal nutrition. Be mindful of your nutritional choices and enjoy that slice of cheese pizza in moderation.


How many calories in a slice of cheese pizza?

Cheese Pizza contains between 300 and 400 calories per serving. Furthermore, the % Daily Value (DV) indicator indicates how much of each nutrient is necessary for a healthy diet.

How many calories does cheese pizza have?

The calorie-packed reputation of pizza can be explained! Pizza's most popular ingredients, such as cheese, are high in fat and protein, and most pizza dough contains calorie-dense ingredients, such as sugar, olive oil, grease, and wheat flour. You can make more informed dining decisions when you learn the truth about pizza's high-calorie content.

Is cheese pizza allowed on a diet?

Nutrition experts consider pizza healthy as an alternative to lunch and dinner once a week. Nutrition experts believe pizza is a healthy alternative to lunch and feed once a week. Quality over convenience is the hallmark of this outstanding snack option.

How many calories are in a whole pizza cheese?

There are 699 calories in this cheesy delight. Among them are carbohydrates and protein. The remaining culprit is fat, which comes in at 331 calories. An adult on a 2,000-calorie diet consumes around 35% of their daily calories from a Four Cheese Pizza.

How healthy is cheese pizza?

There is no such thing as an equal slice of pizza. Depending on the type of crust and toppings, your body can benefit or suffer from this beloved dish. You can enjoy pizza without sacrificing your health goals even though even the healthiest pizza options have significant amounts of sodium from tomato sauce and cheese. While enjoying comfort food, you can get enough nutrition without sacrificing taste."


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