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How Many Calories Are In Roma Tomatoes? A Comprehensive Gide 2023

Roma tomatoes or plum tomatoes are a popular variety of tomatoes loved for their sweet, rich flavor. There are a ton of Mediterranean and Italian dishes that use these tomatoes. People are curious about Roma tomatoes’ nutritional content, including their calorie count, beyond their delicious taste. 

In this article, we’ll explore how many calories are in Roma Tomatoes and their nutritional value.

How Many Calories Are In Roma Tomatoes?

There are fewer calories in Roma tomatoes than in other foods. Approximately 35 to 40 calories are found in one medium-sized Roma tomato (about 2.5 inches long). Tomatoes are low in fat and protein, so they mostly contain carbohydrates. Roma tomatoes contain fewer calories than medium-sized apples, which typically have around 95 calories. In addition to providing a balanced diet that is low in calories, Roma tomatoes are also a good source of vitamin C. Furthermore, Roma tomatoes are also high in vitamin C.

How Many Calories Are In Roma Tomatoes?

Nutritional Benefits of Roma Tomatoes

You can explore the nutritional benefits of tomatoes after knowing how many calories are in Roma tomatoes. There are many health benefits and nutrients associated with Roma tomatoes, including:

Vitamins: There are numerous essential vitamins in Roma tomatoes, for example, vitamins C and A. Vitamin C is necessary for the immune system and collagen production. Alternatively, vitamin A contributes to eye health and skin health.

Antioxidants: In tomatoes, antioxidants like lycopene can lower cancer and heart disease risks.

How Many Calories Are In Roma Tomatoes?

Dietary Fiber: Tomatoes provide dietary fiber that helps with digestion and fullness, which helps you lose weight.

Potassium: Tomatoes contain potassium while maintaining healthy blood pressure and muscle function.

Low in Fat: There is no doubt that Roma tomatoes are an excellent choice for reducing fat intake because they are virtually fat-free.


Using Roma Tomatoes in Different Ways

Once you know how many calories are in Roma tomatoes you can eat them in different ways. There are several ways to eat Roma tomatoes: raw, cooked, and juiced. You can make many different dishes with them because they are versatile ingredients. Here are some popular ways to eat Roma tomatoes:

How Many Calories Are In Roma Tomatoes?

Garnishing salads: When it comes to salads, Roma tomatoes are the perfect addition because they are both colorful and refreshing.

Making salsa: One of the most essential ingredients in many salsa recipes is Roma tomatoes.

Adding to sandwiches: Roma tomatoes make sandwiches more tasty and nutritious.

Baking with tomatoes: When it comes to baking, Roma tomatoes are often used in baked goods like pizza, muffins, and cakes.

Sauces and Pastes: Many sauces, pastes, and sauces are created with Roma tomatoes. Adding their rich flavor to these dishes enhances their taste.

How Many Calories Are In Roma Tomatoes?

Roasting: Roasting Roma tomatoes with olive oil and herbs can intensify their flavor, making them a delightful side dish or a topping for bruschetta.

Stuffed Tomatoes: Make stuffed tomatoes by hollowing out Roma tomatoes and stuffing them with grains, vegetables, and herbs.

Juicing: Roma tomatoes can be juiced to make a delicious and healthy drink that is refreshing and healthy.


You can add Roma tomatoes to your diet because they are delicious and healthy. The nutrients and health benefits of these foods extend beyond their low-calorie content. A balanced and nutritious diet can be achieved by consuming Roma tomatoes in sauces, salads, or snacks. You won’t have to worry about calories when enjoying this versatile tomato variety.


How many calories are in Roma tomatoes?

It contains about 35 to 40 calories on average for a medium-sized Roma tomato, approximately 2.5 inches long.

Are Roma tomatoes a low-calorie food option?

The Roma tomato is considered a low-calorie food, so yes, it's a low-calorie food. Among the many benefits of using these products is that they allow you to maintain a balanced diet with fewer calories.

Do Roma tomatoes have more calories than other fruits and vegetables?

There are fewer calories in a medium-sized Roma tomato than in most fruits and vegetables. For example, it contains fewer calories than a medium-sized apple, which usually includes 95.

Do the calories in a Roma tomato vary based on its size or ripeness?

There is a slight difference in calorie content between Roma tomatoes based on their size and ripeness. Although there is a little difference, it remains a low-calorie food.

As a low-calorie fruit, why are Roma tomatoes so healthy?

Roma tomatoes are low in calories, but they have several health benefits. They contain essential vitamins, especially vitamins C and A, and antioxidants like lycopene, which may help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Moreover, they are virtually fat-free and contain good dietary fiber.










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