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How Many Calories Are In One Fried Egg? A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Fried eggs are a tasty addition to breakfast, brunch, or a quick dinner. Many people love them for their simplicity, but they are also nutritionally dense. The following information will explain this classic dish’s caloric content and other nutritional aspects. 

We will provide a comprehensive guide to how many calories are in one fried egg, its nutritional benefits, and how to make the healthiest egg meal.

How Many Calories Are In One Fried Egg?

Fried eggs can vary in caloric content depending on the cooking method and size. Approximately 55 to 70 calories are contained in a medium-sized fried egg (about 44 grams) cooked in oil or butter. Fried eggs are filled with fats and proteins and provide a satisfying and filling meal.

How Many Calories Are In One Fried Egg

Nutritional Composition of One Fried Egg:

The fried egg is also a good source of several essential nutrients that contribute to a balanced diet, but remember how many calories are in one fried egg. However, here is an overview of the approximate nutritional contents of a medium-sized fried egg that you can find online:

Proteins: Fried eggs are an excellent source of high-quality protein. Approximately 6 to 7 grams of protein is essential for the repair and growth of muscles and tissues and the body’s overall functioning.

Fats: Cooking oil or butter is the primary source of fat in fried eggs. Eggs contain about 5 grams of healthy fat, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, aside from the fat added during cooking. In addition to benefiting heart health, these fats aid in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins.

How Many Calories Are In One Fried Egg

Cholesterol: Eggs are often associated with cholesterol, but the cholesterol in eggs is not as harmful as previously thought. Fried eggs contain about 185 milligrams of cholesterol, and recent research suggests that dietary cholesterol only impacts blood cholesterol levels.

Vitamins: The eggs are a good source of essential vitamins, including Vitamin B12 for nerve function and Vitamin A for immunity and eye health.

Minerals: The eggs also contain essential minerals like iron, phosphorus, and selenium, which play significant roles in various bodily functions.

Considerations And Tips

After knowing how many calories are in one fried egg, there are several factors to consider when eating fried eggs, despite their nutritional value:

Cooking Method: Fried eggs can have different fat and calories depending on how they are cooked and what type of oil they are fried in. Cook with healthier oils such as avocados or olives instead of butter.

How Many Calories Are In One Fried Egg

Portion Control: Even though one fried egg contains relatively few calories, maintaining a balanced diet requires monitoring portion sizes. You can pair your fried egg with fruit, whole-grain toast, or leafy greens for a nutrient-dense meal.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions: Those allergic to eggs should be aware of the effects of allergic reactions. Those who follow a vegan diet or have specific dietary restrictions can also explore plant-based egg alternatives.


One large fried egg contains approximately 55 to 70 calories and a range of essential nutrients. Fried eggs contain high-quality protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that benefit your health. You can make a healthy fried egg once you know how many calories there are in one fried egg. You can enjoy the nutritional goodness of fried eggs and their deliciousness by incorporating them into a balanced diet.


Do you know how many calories are in one fried egg? 

There are approximately 55 to 70 calories in one large fried egg. Egg size and cooking methods may affect calorie count.

What is the healthiest way to fry an egg? With butter or with oil?

Eggs can be fried with butter or oil, but olive or avocado are generally considered healthier alternatives. Besides containing more beneficial fats, these oils also contain additional nutrients.

If I am trying to lose weight, can I eat fried eggs?

Fried eggs can be included in a weight loss diet, as they are relatively low in calories and high in protein, which can help you feel full for longer. To maintain a balanced diet, moderation, and portion control are essential.

Are fried eggs a good source of nutrients? 

Undoubtedly, fried eggs are an excellent source of essential nutrients. These foods have a high nutritional value, including high protein levels, vitamins such as B12 and D, and minerals such as iron and selenium. Additionally, they are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Is it safe to eat fried eggs if I have high cholesterol?

Fried eggs should be consumed in moderation if you have high cholesterol. Eggs are a nutritious food, but they also contain cholesterol. There have been several studies that show saturated fats and trans fats are more harmful than dietary cholesterol itself when it comes to cholesterol levels. 







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